The power of personal.


Change how we see ourselves.
Change how we see each other.

We believe that people are capable of much more than our systems—and our society—assume. That the strength of a community comes from nurturing the potential of every individual. That personalization is an important key to helping people know themselves, and to creating systems that harness their individuality.

The transformation from standardization to personalization has already begun. Backed by new science, visionaries are driving innovation in fields from education to medicine to the workplace. Our aim is to accelerate this shift and ensure that it happens smoothly and that the benefits are shared by all. 

At CIO, we are committed to harnessing the power of human individuality to transform how we learn, work and live to ensure that all people have the opportunity to live a fulfilling life. 



The Myth of Average, TEDx Sonoma County, June 2013

Watch CIO founder Todd Rose make the case for how a simple yet revolutionary new way of thinking can help discover and nurture individual talent.



The End of Average by todd rose

Todd Rose uses new science to uncover the consequences of designing schools and businesses to evaluate and promote talent based on the idea of average.



99% INVISIBLE WITH ROMAN MARS, september 2016

In many ways, the world was not designed for you. It was designed for the average person—who doesn’t exist.


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